Soy Wax Aroma Melts

The benefit of soy wax aroma is that they are an affordable way to try different fragrances without breaking the bank (you can do this with the sample candles too which will last about 2 to 3 hours are also very inexpensive). This way you can experience new scents and get to know if you gravitate towards scents that are more fruity, sweet, woodsy, floral, masculine, herbal, etc.

Does your sense of smell change? While I do not know for sure, I would assume that it probably does due to different factors like change in seasons (allergies), aging, smoking, other things in the environment, etc. or you may subconsciously connect it to a past memory, which may be good or bad. All this to say, that a smell that you hated five years ago may not smell so bad now so give new fragrance combinations a try--they may surprise you!

Clean AF= Smells like Clean Laundry (Clean Aroma)

Pineapple + Sage = Citrusy with a Light Herbal Aroma

Spring Flower Bouquet= Floral Aroma

Dulce Grapefruit= Fruity and Sweet 

Cozy Cashmere= Soft, Slightly Sweet and Delicate

Old Books= soft antique leather and complex combination of wood-earth and slight tough of patchouli 

Nag Champa= Incense, Earth, Meditation Aroma

Watermelon=Fruity & Sweet

Rosemary & Mint=Fresh & Herbal 

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