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Aromatherapy. Scents create an atmosphere that can help individuals experience distinct emotions depending on the aroma. Some aromas are meant to relax, others energize, while others may even help you focus and be productive, while this will vary with every individual, scents can be used as a tool to soothe your body and mind.

Lavender- Relaxation

Orange & Lemon- Energize & Antidepressant

Peppermint- Meditation & Breathing

Vetiver- Calming

Gratitude & Celebration. Candles make the perfect gift for someone for several reasons. Selecting an aroma shows that you took the time to select a fragrance that is linked with that person. Candles are also esthetically pleasing, and everyone enjoys receiving candles (yes, even men) because it upgrades an environment. Candles are also great conversation starters and can inspire you to update your home or office décor.

Thank you, Gifts: Floral Scents, i.e., Lavender

Birthday Gifts: Sweet Scents, i.e., Vanilla & Spice

Romantic Gifts: Oriental Scents, i.e., Amber

More than Décor.Having the right candle in your space is not only a matter of style but also of personality, family connections, friendships, and memories. Candles and their fragrances say a lot about who we are and what we like—they may even speak about our favorite memories. We tend to create a strong connection between our memories, and our sense of smell—the smell of eucalyptus reminds me of my grandfather because he used herbs for home remedies all the time so to me, he always seemed to smell like eucalyptus, and now that connection is rooted in my mind. Be mindful of the memories you want to create in your space.

Bathroom Recommended Scents: spa scents for bathtime relaxation or citrus aromas any other time to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean

Livingroom Recommended Scents: light cozy aromas, candles that can act as centerpieces or have a unique story, subtle classic fragrances

Kitchen Recommended Scents: sweet scents to gather the family or citrus, floral, or earthy fragrances to keep it smelling fresh and clean

Outdoor Recommended Scents: Citronella to keep bugs away

*These are personal recommendations and is not meant to be medical or therapeutic advice. Please consult with your therapist or doctor if you have any health-related questions.

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