This wax is recommended for home décor. If you melt it, place the candle on a fireproof surface. 


Ginger+Wood+Palo Santo Fragrance (set of 3 round wax melts ~1.5oz each)


Warm woods and hints of cassis nectar and red clay dance in reminiscence of hearthy embers + a roaring fireplace. 


TOP: Cassis Nectar, Pomegranate, Camphor
MIDDLE: Arabian Rose, Red Clay, Cedarwood 
BASE: Palo Santo, Terra-cotta Amber, Musk





Wax Melt Set

  • Love your Wax Melt

    • Treat your wax melt gently to prevent breaking.
      100% soy can be soft and is a lot more delicate than other waxes
    • Do not expose to heat, sunlight, or direct hot temperature.
      Soy wax can melt at a hot temperature, and the candle can lose shape.
    • Cande color may slightly vary depending on your fragrances oil, essential oil, and curing time--this is normal with soy wax.
    • Due to this item's handcrafted nature, expect slight variation in the appearance of each unique piece.
    • We are not responsible if the item melts due to conditions out of our control during transit.